Never be on the wrong side of the markets again...


“A HUGE burden has been lifted. Feeling like either the buy-and-hold or day-trading were my only choices for so long is not good for body or soul… You’ve probably given me a better shot at longevity than any of my surgeries to date… really.

I’m at peace…”

— T.K.

“I’ve used TurnerTrends Tools for 10 years. I keep trying to find something better, and have found nothing that beats it. It gives you insider buying, stops, forecasting, technical analysis, and much more. I cannot find a single tool or service that does all of this. I make more than enough money using Mike’s Tools. His rules-based system works. Mike is the best.”

— Woody W.

“After seeing the [CycleProphet] forecast of a rising gold price, I wrote some December credit put spreads. They expire worthless today. I paid for my subscription in just one trade!”

— Mark F., Scottsdale, AZ

I almost got out of a losing trade in an oil ETF, but went to CycleProphet and saw it was predicting a rise in oil for the next week. I held my position and made a nice profit on my trade. Thanks, Mike!”

— John M., Los Angeles

“CycleProphet showed a big upward move in the markets after the first of the year. I loaded up the week before and made an 11% gain in just one week across my entire portfolio! Extend my subscription, please.”

— Bob S., Atlanta, GA

I caught some spectacular moves last year… very satisfied!

— PP, Wien, Austria

I made 20 times over my subscription cost in my first trade!

— DB, La Mirada, CA

I cannot recommend a product any higher… If you’re going to have any tool in your investor toolbox, this is the one you should not be without.

— R. Weissman, New York

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