What does 2.8 million lines of software code mean to you?

The greatest asset you’ll ever have to grow your portfolio!

With TurnerTrends Tools, you’ll be investing with the same information that many of the most prestigious financial institutions use through their Bloomberg terminal… at a fraction of the cost.

With this tool, which has 2.8 million lines of software code driving it, you’ll have immediate access to rankings on more than 6,000 stocks and ETFs.

Each stock is scored based on 12 fundamental ratings and 5 technical ratings. The fundamental score quantifies how good (or bad) the company’s financials are, while the technical score conveys how strong the timing is for buying or shorting. You get two levels of buying strength and two levels of shorting strength. It will also show you the overall ranking of that stock or ETF, and its rankings within its sector and industry. This is the most comprehensive, trade-timing tool in the world.

In addition, you will know where to put your stop price if you own the position so you’ll know exactly when to sell. By the way… stops are adjusted weekly so that you never leave too much cushion on the table in case of a trend reversal.

You can use all this information to analyze your current portfolio holdings – find out which ones to keep and which ones to dump – and to discover the best stocks the market has to offer.

When you sign up for the TurnerTrends Tools today, you’ll have access to:

  • The weekly list of the top 50 ETFs
  • The weekly list of the top 100 ranked stocks
  • The weekly list of the top 100 large-cap, top 100 mid-cap and top 100 small-cap stocks
  • A customizable watch list – as many watch lists as you want
  • A screener tool to identify stocks in areas you are looking to invest in
  • A market forecaster to see where all the major indexes, commodities, currencies, sectors, forex and futures will be over the next 90 days.
  • An ETF regional analyzer and industry analyzer – discover what regions and industries are in a bull sector and identify the best ETFs in those areas
  • A stock sector analyzer to discover what sectors are in a bull sector and identify the best scoring stocks in those sectors

The TurnerTrends Tools are unique and incredibly powerful. If you are looking for the very best stock tool to help you build and grow your portfolio, you have found it in the TurnerTrends Tools!

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Mike Turner
Mike Turner,
Founder, TurnerTrends Tools