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I want to use the same system that crushed the gains of market timers and buy-and-hold investors from 2007-2017 – as shown below.


Over that 10 years, I’m impressed that Signal Investor members who invested during bull and bear markets alike (Strategy A) were rewarded with 201% gains, and…

That Signal Investor members who stayed in cash (Strategy B), and chose not to invest during down markets, still made 149%…

While buy-and-hold investors (Strategy C) made a measly 61%. 

It makes me wonder why 90% of all still use buy-and-hold…

Especially when you consider what that could mean for returns over 10 years:

  • With Strategy A, after 10 years, I’d have $624,352.81
  • With Strategy B, I’d have made $401,051.63
  • With Strategy C, $180,781.44

That’s $443,571 more than buy-and-hold investors… and $223,301 more than market timers over only 10 years.

I love that, during that time, Signal Investor delivered $443,571 more in gains compared to what buy-and-hold investors received…

I want to put that powerful system to work in my own portfolio to maximize my gains and shield my money from market crashes.

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    I get up to 20 stocks and ETFs, hand-picked from the top results of you mathematically-based computer programs. Your “long-only” trades slash my risk. I get a scientific strategy to diversify my holdings with big winners to make my portfolio bulletproof!

    Your Custom Risk-Eliminating Strategy

    Signal Investor’s trademarked stop-loss strategy is designed to tell the difference between normal volatility, which temporarily makes prices drop, or the stock taking an actual dive, where I need to get out. No more expensive “nuisance stops.” As my winnings rise, a trailing stop locks my profits in.

    Weekly Updates

    I’ll never invest alone as a member of Signal Investor. You will keep in touch with me every week with your latest research and market analysis. I’ll get critical intelligence on where my stocks are, and where they’re going, so I can stay ahead with the best and the brightest traders on Wall Street.

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In addition, I’ll also be sent a free special report, The 10 Rules You Must Follow to Beat the Market, which reveals the guiding principles driving Mike’s math- and rules-based trading system.

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Money Back Guarantee

If at any point during my first 30 days as a Signal Investor subscriber, I am not 100% satisfied with the service, or the profits I’m seeing, I can request a full refund. And, I’ll get it, no questions asked.


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