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YES, I want to see stock and ETF prices 90 days ahead…

YES, I want to use the software that’s on more than 300,000 Bloomberg terminals worldwide…

Dear Mike,

I’d like to accept your invitation to become a Charter Member of your Signal Investor advisory service.

I agree that your “crystal ball” technology gives me an advantage in the markets that I can’t find anywhere else. I can’t wait to start using Signal Investor’s ability to forecast share prices up to 90 days ahead to make money.

Plus, I’m excited that your service gives me access to the very same forecasting software that is available on more than 300,000 Bloomberg terminals around the world. I appreciate the fact that I’ll be using the same tools as the world’s powerful investors.

I can’t wait to put my worries about my investments behind me, thanks to your rules-based system. Signal Investor’s foundation on mathematics and science allows me to overcome emotion while investing… and I know that’s the single biggest obstacle standing in the way of making consistent profits in the stock market.

I’m ready to invest with confidence and grow my capital in bull markets, and protect it in bear markets.

I’m also ready to pull down at least one double-digit winner every month using your system, just as members have been averaging since 2013.

Perhaps, most important of all, I’m ready to start managing my portfolio in sync with the market – instead of always having to play catch-up.

With Signal Investor’s direction, I’ll never be left wondering if I should be in or out of the market, because I’ll always know the market’s mood – bullish, neutral, bearish – and how to play it.

Timing is everything. Being able to know, with mathematical certainty, when and how to capitalize on the market’s overall trend is what makes your advice so important to my investing success.

I know that the stocks your system recommends in a bull market are top-tier plays and trending up… letting me take full advantage when risk is low.

And when the market is neutral, I know the recommended move to cash will save me from serious losses…

Just like I know that, in a bear market – when risk is low for being short – the inverse ETFs recommended will help me make money when others don’t.  

Plus, I’m looking forward to getting the following benefits of membership in Signal Investor, even during my 60-day test-drive.

  • Signal Investor Portfolio: Your mathematically-based computer program will tell me when it’s time to be fully invested, when to get conservative and when to invest in inverse ETFs. The portfolio will consist of the best stocks and ETFs, as selected by your software program containing more than 2.8 million lines of code.
  • Disciplined Sell Signals: Your sell strategy lets me take advantage of the sweet-spot. It gives me a stop price with enough room for shares to fluctuate as they climb higher, while detecting a stock’s change in trend. Plus, your weekly stop updates keep pace with the latest market volatility.
  • Weekly Updates: Every Tuesday, you will keep in touch with me with your portfolio updates, just as you send out special alerts when market or investment circumstances dictate. That way, I’m never in the dark about my portfolio.
  • Our Private Website: Your password-protected, members-only website gives me peace of mind, knowing that I can find the current portfolio there, along with your archive of alerts, special reports and other investing resources.

I’m also excited that you’ve given me the chance to get a free copy of your special investment report: The 10 Rules You Must Follow to Beat the Market. All I have to do is accept this offer.

Finally, I truly appreciate you putting your money where your mouth is with your satisfaction guarantee.

My Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction:

Money Back Guarantee

During my 60-day risk-free test-drive, I MUST be 100% satisfied with Signal Investor in EVERY way. If not, all I have to do is let you know and you will RUSH me an immediate and full refund of every penny I’ve paid.

With my no-risk 100% satisfaction guarantee, I have nothing to lose.

So, let’s get started. Sign me up today at your special, Charter Member rate of just $499 per year.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need for me to become a Signal Investor subscriber… and if I have any questions, I know to call you toll-free at 1-844-818-9444!