WASHINGTON D.C. – You’re about to experience a hot new technology.

It’s like owning a high-tech crystal ball… letting you forecast stocks and indexes 90 days into the future with amazing precision.

This software was programmed by one of those math geniuses you’ve only read about…

And runs on a bank of supercomputers…

It churns out trades that routinely beat major Wall Street investing houses.

In fact, his breakthrough forecasting technology is so powerful, it hands you gains, in a single month, that crush the S&P 500’s annual gains.

Let me share a few of his technology’s results:

And many, many more.

Plus, there’s something else you should consider: this Math Genius only holds each of his program’s stocks for an average of 52 days (less than two months each)…

Which actually makes drubbing the Dow easy, because, since 2013, he’s produced an average of one double-digit winner each month which totally blows away the market’s average annual gain of 7%.

Now, you may be wondering…

Why is Beating the Market a Big Deal?

Consider this: the majority of the so-called “experts” — Wall Street Hedge Fund managers — are underperforming “the market” for the 7th straight year, according to the Barclay Hedge Fund Index.

That’s why I’m so excited about this Math Genius and his high-tech crystal ball.

Earlier, I stated that he comes up with an average of a double-digit gain each month…

Which not only beats the broader market’s gains…

But crushes the returns of Hedge Fund Managers, who’ve underperformed the markets for 7 years.

So, simply matching market gains would be enough to humiliate many of these Wall Street big-shots. But, when you start beating the market by producing an average double-digit return each month, you start drawing attention.

Word gets around quick. And people want to know who’s responsible.

So, it’s no surprise that this Genius was quickly identified as Mike Turner — A little-known mathematician and computer scientist from the University of Oklahoma.

Mike Turner has been making waves with his wins. You might say his new tech sensation has been turning Wall Street upside down. And when something wins this often and this much… you know the big boys are going to come knockin’. That’s why…

Bloomberg Had to Have His Technology On
Their Massive Global Platform!

When Mike went public with his system, the Wall Street icons waddled up to his door, attempting to buy out his system.

But he thumbed his nose at almost every one of them.

Out of all the power players that contacted him, the only offer Mike accepted was from Bloomberg.

Even then, he only agreed to let them have a portion of his forecasting system: His “Time-Cycle” forecasting system. Believe me, they were thrilled to get that much.

With the unique ability to look 90 days into the future of any stock, ETF, currency, or index….

It’s now available to more than 325,000 Bloomberg terminals worldwide… in some 100 countries, supported by 2 high-tech data centers, and 79 news bureaus around the world.

His “electronic crystal ball” is being used by members of the major exchanges, central bankers of countries across the globe, and some of the largest commercial traders and hedge funds in the world.

If his system is good enough for Bloomberg and the entire high-end investment universe to use, it’s a safe bet that it’s good enough for you to use too.

But, if you don’t have $24,000 a year to plop down on your own Bloomberg terminal, that’s okay. You won’t need it.

Because, in a moment, I’m going to show you how to get the same forecasts and signals that the biggest and most prestigious investment firms in the world get from Mike’s forecasting system.

In fact, you’ll get even MORE of his proprietary information than those 325,000 Bloomberg terminals around the world.

Just remember, Mike only licensed PART of his technology to Bloomberg.

So YOU get results from his whole program. He uses his full system to generate trading signals that pick out the top 20 stocks in the market each week, and sends them out to his members.

And I’d like to give you a risk-free 60-day test-drive of this revolutionary trading advisory…

But first, in case you want to know more about his technology, I’ll show you:

HOW Mike’s System Averages a
New Double-Digit Win Each Month!

HOW Mike picks the top 20 stocks for you to trade

Every week, Mike runs a thorough forecasting analysis over all the major indexes: The Dow, the S&P 500, the Russell 2000, the NASDAQ, etc. He also analyzes and forecasts several foreign currency rates (for international influences on our markets)…

When he gets a final read on the markets’ direction for 90 days into the future, he next analyzes and forecasts his entire database of 6,000+ stocks and ETFs.

That gives them a “technical” score.

Then he runs a 9-point fundamental analysis on each stock to give them a “fundamental” score.

He then adds the technical score of a stock with its fundamental score – and gets an overall score for each stock and ETF.

Next, he skims off the top 20 stocks, and compares them to last week’s list. New stocks will appear, and older ones will drop off.

He then emails you this new list of his top 20 stocks (give or take a couple). You then have the top 20 stocks in the market, forecasted for the next 90 days.

So, now you know how he gets the results that he does.

And how his 10-years of obsessive research has allowed him – and anyone who joins him – to make massive wins in the market using the hottest 20 stocks for the week.

It’s all in the forecasting… and it’s as close to a crystal ball as you’ll ever come by in the real world.

The Math Genius inside of Mike designed the strategy. And the Computer Scientist inside of him wrote the revolutionary program to carry it out.

How does it work? It finds patterns and groups of patterns in the market. Then, it uses high-math functions to calculate the probability of these patterns reappearing.

Now, if you’re a technical trader, you’re very familiar with patterns… Like the “Head and Shoulders” patterns. Or double-tops. Or channels. The cup-and-saucer pattern. Flags, triangles, etc.

Those are some of the more common patterns. There are dozens of them.

If you’re not familiar with technical trading patterns, that’s okay too. You won’t need to be for Mike’s system…

Because he programmed his computers to do all the work for you — all you do is enter the stocks in your account, and cash in your checks.

You let his computer system do all the heavy lifting for you!

But here’s where Mike is unique:

He has also discovered NEW patterns and new combinations of patterns that make money like clockwork.

These new patterns and pattern combinations have not been documented before in the major trading literature.

They have proven so reliable that he uses them to form the basis of his forecasting technology.

I guarantee you, THIS is the edge you’ve been looking for…

It is the most advanced forecasting system in the world (at least, that is what Bloomberg told Mike when his system was installed on their massive Bloomberg platform).

However, Mike didn’t stop there. He refined his system with something called sinusoidal waves, wave-pattern persistence and advanced Fourier transforms.

Now, without a few years of math beyond calculus… I can’t say you or I will understand any of that. But, the good news is we don’t need to.

Because, all we care about are the results!

Bottom Line: Turner’s system forecasts the market with such accuracy that he can predict the top 20 trades each week… out of over 6,000+ stocks and ETFs.

A Decade of Research and Trading – During ALL Market Conditions – Has Confirmed This!

That’s 10 long years of painstaking testing, research, and development… writing over 2.8 million lines of code. It also meant spending over $1 million of his own money to perfect it.

Finally, the stage was set for this little-know math savant to create his computerized crystal ball that forecasts markets 90 days into the future.

This prompted investing icon, Louis Navellier, to say, “His no-nonsense style, mixed with commonsense rules, can immediately help investors make better and wiser decisions.”

This technology is unique, massively tested and used by thousands of very satisfied users, worldwide. So I can personally assure you…

You Can Easily Use this System…
(If You Can Open an Email!)

Unless You’re A Math Geek, Skip This Box

You don’t need to know anything in this box to cash in on big wins. I’m just sharing the math behind how Mike uses a patented stop loss to protect your profits in his system.

It’s based on a formula which was strong enough to win the Nobel Prize. Mike uses it to tell whether a stock is taking a momentary dip – or if it’s headed for a big loss – usually before even a hint of damage is done. Here’s the base formula he modified for stop losses before he programmed it into my system:

When you solve this thing, it can take up an entire blackboard. It’s called a second order partial differential equation. Like I said, it’s geeky. But the good news is…

You Don’t Need To Know ANY of This If You Can Simply Click a Mouse

Mike’s made his system drop-dead simple. His supercomputer crunches all the numbers for 6,000+ stocks and ETFs. Every week, you get up to 20 or more top recommended plays in the market. You get signals to buy, signals to close (and cash in your profits), and weekly updates on your stop loss settings.

It’s everything many traders have needed to make a life of luxury for themselves.

And it’s all you need to start a regular flow of checks into your portfolio.

The whole process is quite simple for you. You get an email every week with his top 20 model portfolio showing you:

  1. What to buy
  2. When to buy, and
  3. When to take your profits.

All you have to do is open an email each week, and enter your trades in your brokerage account.

If it got any easier, I’d have to sign and deposit your checks for you.

So, let me ask you, can you…

Imagine Looking
90 days Into the Future

His stock forecasts are the next best thing to having the next three months of the Wall Street Journal in advance. It’s actually better than having your own crystal ball…

It’s like owning your own freakin’ time machine! It’s like going into the future, seeing what’s happening on Wall Street, coming back and cashing in on it.

But don’t take my word for it.

Take Mike’s… and how he averages monthly double-digit returns.

Take Bloomberg’s… and how Mike’s system is available to some 325,000 terminals worldwide.

Finally, take your own word for it by experiencing his system for yourself. Right now, you can do so risk-free. Just…

Claim a 60-Day “Test Drive” of
Mike Turner’s Signal Investor

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Finally, any uncertainty you might have about your trading is about to simply fall away.

You’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in ever again. Even (especially) in a down market, you’ll make money with Mike’s laser-accurate forecasts across all market conditions… and getting the top 20 stocks, updated weekly!

So, let me show you everything you get in your 100% risk-free 60-day test-drive of Signal Investor:

Truly, everything you get above, plus the 60-day test-drive of Signal Investor, hands you the key for unlocking any financial dreams you’ve ever had. There is virtually no financial goal you can’t achieve from this day forward.

My only question for you is…

How Much Is It Worth for You to
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Some people pay way too much money to “make money.”

For example, if an everyday investor wants to use a big Wall Street firm to handle their money… they almost have to be rich before they even get started.

This is what you may have to spend to get the top 20 trades from the big trading houses:

Knowing that Signal Investor ties or beats each of the above, you may think Mike charges a fortune to be a member. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

Because if you are willing to act NOW, you can get everything I promised…

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A Final Word:

You know, some may think we’re almost giving away subscriptions to Signal Investor for a paltry $1.37 cents a day. And they may be right.

Very First Trade Paid His Subscription Fee 20 Times Over!

My annual subscription… was paid for 20 times over in my first trade using knowledge from Mike Turner. Mike Turner’s expert market analysis and unique perspective has helped me take my trading skills to a new level… I recommend… Mike Turner to anybody serious about making money in the market.

—D. Brantley

But, in all my days as a financial publisher, knowing hundreds of big names in the trading business, I can guarantee you, no one, no how, cares as much for his members for a mere $499 a year.

Of course, by saying that, I’m tipping my hand as to why Mike’s doing this…

He’s confided in me, and I don’t think he’d mind me repeating this to you.

Mike came from humble beginnings. He’s self-made. So he genuinely cares about his trading club members… It’s NOT about impressing some self-important, empty suits on Wall Street.

His members are like family to him. That’s why he’s charging so little… to allow individual investors to compete on the same playing field as the fat-cat traders.

Because, underneath it all, it’s been his mission in life — to develop as near perfect a trading system as possible.


Mike has always wanted to level the playing field, so people like him, his mom and dad, and his friends don’t have to struggle… so all of us can enjoy what the so-called “upper crust” takes for granted. It’s what Mike’s all about.

It’s quite personal to him. Just as it is to me, too.

So know this: you are about to embark on the most important wealth-building journey of your adult life… and it’s as fun for me to watch as it is rewarding for me to see your wealth grow.

I can’t wait to hear from you about your wins. Please drop me a line.

I’d love to know how you’re reaching your dreams by making the most from your money… for your financial freedom… your family’s protection… and your legacy.

Yours for Higher Profits,

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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