Billy Beane sweats the small stuff.


And Oakland A’s fans love him for it.

I’m talking about Major League general manager Billy Beane, who oversaw an Oakland baseball club with just a third of the New York Yankees’ player budget.

Beane took baseball’s most impoverished club to the playoffs for 4 consecutive years.

He compiled a 976-804 (.548) record over 11 seasons, the fifth-best winning percentage in all of baseball during that time.

He even set an American League record by winning 20 games in a row — that’s a first in over 100+ years of pro ball history.

You may have even seen the Hollywood movie about it: Moneyball.

So what was Billy Beane’s winning strategy?

He thought small.

The A’s had a limited budget, so Beane couldn’t outspend his competition, or buy the best players. And he couldn’t take big risks by betting on a player’s blue sky potential.

So he challenged conventional wisdom.

He put traditional player metrics like batting averages, on-base percentage, HRs, RBIs, ERA, strikeouts, etc. on the back burner…


And instead, he “sweated the small stuff” by focusing on the statistical ‘fine print’ with new metrics for measuring player performance.

Beane got down into the weeds. He got his hands dirty checking out new numbers everyone else had ignored or overlooked, such as:

In short, he focused on the little picture.

That’s how he was able to identify the best players for his team, while staying under the A’s meager salary cap.


Focusing on the small, measurable stuff also meant Beane could completely ignore the emotional side of evaluating players. He could tune out media hype and who the fans wanted, so that he simply focused on the numbers.

To his surprise, Beane found out that his evaluation system even allowed him to ignore how a player looked, physically… Including how fast or how strong he was.

By just focusing on small stuff – new or little-known baseball statistics – he created a far more reliable system that minimized risk and pinpointed winners…

And that guided the A’s to the incredible 4-year run I told you about earlier.

That was his critical advantage.

And that’s exactly what my colleague Mike Turner does when he looks for the best investments.

He sweats the small stuff, but how does he do it?

I’m Roger Michalski, Mike’s Publisher here at Eagle Financial Publications and I’ll show you exactly how he makes it happen.

If You Can Do Third Grade Math,
You’ll Love This Simple System

Just like Billy Beane, Mike Turner measures everything. That lets him focus on what his prospective buys are doing right now. He doesn’t try to predict what they could be doing someday down the road.

Mike doesn’t fall in love with stories or stocks. 

By relying so heavily on measurements, Mike also removes “emotion” from his investing decisions. 

He’s a math geek, after all – he’s after the cold, hard numbers backed by current measurable performance.

Mike loves digging in the weeds to uncover the small stuff other analysts overlook.

That’s why he spent years, and more than a million dollars of his own money, perfecting his system…


So it could crunch all that data with billions of simple math calculations… 

And spit out a technical value and a fundamental value for each stock, ETF and index (on a scale of 1-100). 

Mike then determines the best investments with simple math. He adds the technical score to the fundamental one, then compares the results to see which is greater than the others.

X + Y = Z

It really is just simple math. What that means is…

Everything you need to make money in the market you learned by third grade. Heck, I bet your kids could figure this out right now.

That’s how Mike makes the best investment decisions possible. He focuses on the small stuff. He uses simple math. And he measures performance.

Mike never “guesses” about anything.

So, how well does it work?

Well enough to bag 29 double-digit wins so far in 2017… and 21 straight winners.

His simple system is so effective, it would probably be banned if Mike did the same thing playing blackjack.

This Is Like Card Counting in a Casino…
But Much Easier and Legal

Card counting is a blackjack strategy that helps you decide if your next hand might give you an advantage over the dealer. It requires you to keep a running tally of all the high and low valued cards you see.


And that’s not easy. You have to pay close attention, measure each card, and add up everything so you can bet when “the count” has tipped the odds in your favor.

You have to be very disciplined. You have to ignore hunches, gut instinct or feelings if you want to be a good card counter. It’s all in the numbers — they give you a huge advantage over the house.

And that’s exactly the kind of edge Mike Turner enjoys when he sweats the small stuff in the stock market.

Just like at the card table, Mike tracks what happens … measures as the “cards” are dealt … and makes decisions based on simple math.

Then he “plays his hand” when he knows the odds are highly in his favor.

At that point, he’s often set up to win.

Only, instead of piling up chips (like card counters do), Mike and his group of investors pile up profits…

That includes specific gains like 49.56% in XRS in 226 days… 45.7% in VEEV in 163 days… and 35.75% in NTES in 119 days.

The best part about using Mike’s system is that you’re not going to be banned from the market for kicking butt with it.

Just the opposite — everyone’s going to want to know your secret.

How Mike Turner Became a
Wall Street Darling

You might not have heard of Mike Turner before, but he’s a superstar on Wall Street, just like Billy Beane in Major League Baseball.

They both sweat the small stuff… compare massive amounts of data… measure it like no one else… and win more often than just about everyone.


In Beane’s case, the result was not only that track record of 4 consecutive playoff years, 976 wins over 11 seasons and 20 wins in a row… but also an amazing offer from one of the big boys.

You see, the Boston Red Sox made Beane a $12,500,000 per year offer to become their GM. Beane turned it down to stay with the A’s.

Meanwhile in Mike Turner’s case, the result has been just as good: 109 profitable trades since November 2015, 29 double-digit gains and 21 wins in a row.

But just like Beane, Mike’s new system for “counting cards” in the stock market didn’t just spring to life overnight.

In fact, it took two decades of blood, sweat and tears to get the job done. That’s a long journey, and most guys would have quit long before the big payoff.

But not Mike. In fact, he dove headlong into developing his own system after getting ripped off by shady brokers.

You see, before creating his investing system, Mike had a very successful software business that he eventually sold. He then entrusted a huge chunk of that money to a well-known Wall Street brokerage firm.

After two years, they’d lost more than half of his money.

So he fired them and set out to create his own system.

Mike’s ability to sweat the small stuff and deliver big league results paid off in the end. His system made him a legend amongst some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions.

You’ve probably heard of Bloomberg.

It’s one of the biggest financial software, data and media companies in the world. They have 192 offices and 19,000 employees generating over $9 billion in annual revenue.

And they really wanted to do business with Mike.

As it turned out, Bloomberg was the ONLY Wall Street firm that Mike agreed to work with, licensing out a portion of his system to the investing giant.

Today, his forecasting and analysis software lies at the heart of every one of 330,000 Bloomberg terminals.

In other words, his quant-based forecasting program is used by high-profile brokerage and financial management firms around the world on a daily basis.

So, it’s little wonder Mike’s often quoted in the prestigious Investor’s Business Daily, has been a regular guest speaker for the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange), and has published extensively in Equities Magazine.

In short, a lot of high profile people and publications have placed a lot of trust in Mike’s ability to produce accurate investment research and analysis by measuring the numbers and sweating the small stuff.

But you know what?


Mike’s legendary Bloomberg forecasting system is just the beginning… it’s only one component of his complete system.

When investors have access to the whole thing, they’ve cashed in big time with 109 total winners in just over 20 months – that’s an average of 5 winners a month!

It’s delivered 29 double-digit gains, and most impressive of all…

21 straight winners…

With a track record like that, it’s easy to see why Mike is Public Enemy #1 with the buy-and-hold guys on Wall Street…

Buy-and-Hold Public Enemy #1:
Taking Down Titans

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this many times from talking heads, or maybe even your broker:

“You can’t beat those indexes and stay safe.”  Or “You can’t time the market and come out ahead.”

Mike’s system proves both of these ideas are totally wrong.

It reveals that worshipping Wall Street’s “buy-and-hold for the long run” sacred cow is one of the riskiest things you could be doing with your money right now.

And yes, Mike’s perfectly aware that by saying this…

He’s calling out Warren Buffett and his sidekick Charlie Munger. Plus Benjamin Graham, John Bogle and Sir John Templeton too. These guys made their careers on buy-and-hold.

But they’re not you and me.

They don’t get hammered personally when “the market” corrects and costs you 20%… 30%… even 50% or more of your money.

They’re still among the richest guys in the world… still sitting in their $5,000 Eames office chairs… and still enjoying $325 Per Se lunches in Manhattan or wherever they happen to be. They’ve got money to burn and they know it.

That’s why focusing on the big picture — while ignoring painful corrections — might be fine if you’re already a billionaire…

But what about the rest of us?

Why be market roadkill when you can measure what’s happening and steer around the corrections instead?

Sweating the small stuff lets stiff-arm corrections, ensuring you never get crushed in a downturn.

In fact, as I’m about to show you, it can allow you to get out fast with a profit.

Let me show you how that works …

Be Like Mike and Say NO to a
50% Retirement Haircut

In addition to the remarkable accuracy of Mike’s system, it’s also proving to be one of the best defenses you can have against a market correction.

Over 88 years (1929 – 2017), buying and holding the Dow Jones stocks would have given you a 6,771% return. That’s pretty good.

There’s a catch, though.

The market dropped more than 50% on 7 occasions over those 88 years. The average time to recover was a whopping 9 years. (That’s long enough to get a degree and finish medical school too!)

Now imagine how much money those investors would have if they could have avoided those heart-stopping sell-offs and the agonizing wait to get back to break-even.

What if you could exit the market before everything was beaten up too badly?

Instead of blindly following “buy-and-hold,” what if you recognized the reversal early and went to cash? Then, getting back in, just as the DJIA started its recovery? 


That’s what you can do when you sweat the small stuff. Following that system – Mike’s system – would have returned 11,602% over that same 88-year span. 

That’s almost double the performance of buy-and-hold.

But it gets even better.

What if, instead of staying in cash for protection, you went on the offensive and bought an inverse ETF for those nasty bear markets?

If you don’t already know, an inverse ETF allows you to profit when the fund’s underlying index or stock is falling. 

By using an inverse ETF like this, you’d become a two-way “directional investor.”

You go short when you’re sure the market’s going down. And you stay long when you’re sure the market’s going up.

Had you been one of these directional investors during those 88 years, your return would have soared to 17,993%.

That’s nearly 2.5x the buy-and-hold return, as you can see below…

Now here’s the best part: being a directional investor like this is worry-free, too. That’s because you’ll no longer fear losing money in nasty corrections or soul-destroying bear markets.

Not only will you get out of plunges early, but you’ll be able to profit from them too.

It all boils down to Mike’s system’s ability to pinpoint market performance and then measure when a trend truly turns.

So how does Mike’s system “know” this stuff — especially the market timing part?

You guessed it: by sweating the small stuff and leaving nothing to chance….

What Mike’s Simple Strategy Doesn’t Do

Getting down into the weeds as a directional investor leaves no room for guesswork.

Just like a card counting professional, you don’t allow hunches, gut instinct or feelings to decide for you.

Billy Beane doesn’t allow anything like that to cloud his judgment when he’s drafting or trading for baseball players.

And Mike doesn’t allow it in his stock selections either. The “small stuff” numbers are everything.

Now it might seem obvious, but here’s what Mike doesn’t do:

He never guesses about anything: not a single stock, not a single index, nor how long the current market’s trend is going to last.

That’s because guessing what the market’s going to do makes for the WORST kind of investment.

It just leads to lots of fruitless trading as you follow one wild bet after another. And it rarely outperforms the index.

That’s why Mike never guesses. He always measures.


That’s good enough to give his investors 109 wins over the last 20 months and 21 winners in a row…

Plus, he’s had other winning streaks of up to 11 picks in a row, racking up 29 double-digit winners, including individual wins of 36.68% in WAL… 33.96% in HBM… and 27.51% in STL.

And he’s done so while avoiding serious losses when the market’s dipped.

His system is a perfect example of how profitable directional investing can be when you have the right technique.

He calls his system Quick Hit Trader. In my opinion, it’s the simplest, most accurate directional trading service available today.

So exactly what is it?

What You Get With Quick Hit Trader

Each week, Mike uses his Quick Hit Trader advisory service to analyze more than 6,000 stocks, ETFs and indexes available in the market…

From that weekly analysis, Mike sends members of his service the 3 best investments for the week. 

That’s right, he reduces more than 6,000 potential plays to just 3 sure-fire recommendations each week.

Each and every one of those is based on…

Fundamental Analysis: Mike’s Quick Hit software ranks every stock, ETF and index against 12 fundamental indicators on a scale of 0 to 100. By identifying the highest scoring plays for current market conditions, Mike tells you what to buy.

But he goes a lot farther than that…

Knowing “what” to buy is just the launching pad for successful directional investing. There’s also…

Technical Analysis: Mike’s software analyzes 5 technical indicators as well and scores them based on a scale of 1 to 100. This tells you when to buy.

As I pointed out earlier, it’s just simple math after that…

Add up the fundamental and technical scores to find the top 3 scorers, and then recommend those to investors. Easy as pie…

X + Y = Z

To make using Mike’s system even easier, you never have to guess when to take profits from one of his recommendations.

That’s because each recommendation has a specific exit price. This price is updated every week based on what’s measurable in the market.


Mike’s disciplined stop strategy gives you the edge for taking profits off the table. They’ll protect you when a trade has reversed its trend, getting you out before you lose your shirt…

While these stops also keep you in your trades for as long as possible… letting your winners run.

This is a crucial component of the system that’s hit on 21 winners in a row (Mike’s record streak) and delivered 109 winners to date including these:

Plus there’s one other handy feature to help you make the most of Mike’s expertise…

On top of each week’s 3 picks, Mike defines the overall market trend for you too: bull, bear or neutral. 

This is another critical component in guiding your investments.

By knowing the specific price direction for almost every stock, ETF or index available today, and the overall direction of the market…

You’ll have the most powerful market forecasting system in the market on your side.  You’ll know when to stay long, when to stay in cash and when to go short.

This is the secret behind Mike’s unique investing philosophy:  “long term investing, one week at a time.”

It allows him (and you) to pile on the winners, one week at a time… get out of losers early… and know when to switch gears to stay in sync with what’s actually happening in the market…

Plus you won’t care one whit about what a bunch of so-called experts feel or hope is happening.

Using Quick Hit Trader, you’ll never again worry about losing more than 50% of your portfolio, only to wait 9 horribly long years to make those losses back.

In fact, with Quick Hit Trader, you’ll never have to worry again about your investments…

Because using this service lets you take emotion out of investing.

And that might be a lot more profitable than you might think…

How Much Is Emotionless Trading Worth?

Do you know why most investors are their own worst enemy when it comes to bagging consistent profits from the market?

It’s because they always make emotion-based trades.

They see something exciting on the news, hear a hot tip from a friend or co-worker, or get caught up in a new hobby and buy a stock that indulges it.

Then they lose over and over again.

Put all that behind you when Quick Hit Trader lines up great trades for you instead.

Mike will tell you when and at what price to pull the trigger.  All you have to do is buy when he buys, and sell when he sells.

Just do that, and by default, you’ll subtract all your emotional losses. You’ll cash in a lot more often too, just like the small group of traders who’ve had the chance to pull in 109 winners, and 29 double-digit gains since the system started…

And those remarkable 21 consecutive profitable trades.

So how much would you expect to pay for a service that delivers winners with this kind of accuracy… gives you bear market protection… and the ability to remove all emotion from your trades?

I could offer you Quick Hit Trader for $1,000 a year, easily.

That would be just $20 a week for Mike’s top 3 picks plus his precision measurement of the overall market.

But we’re not asking anywhere near $1,000 for Quick Hit Trader.

Not even $500.

Quick Hit Trader’s regular price is just $249 for one year. Since you get 3 stock or ETF picks each week, that works out to just $1.59 each.

You can barely get a cheap cup of coffee these days for that price. A gallon of gas sure costs more than that.

Or a bag of candy at Walmart (I just checked).

That’s why I feel Quick Hit Trader is one heck of a deal for you.

You’ll be ready to completely transform your fortunes with Mike Turner’s no-nonsense directional investing service.

Plus you’ll be better protected from the next brutal bear market when it arrives.

You’ll also be playing the market like a professional stock “card counter” thanks to Mike and his Bloomberg-endorsed system.

Just think about it for a minute…

What would your portfolio look like if you were able to sidestep every major correction, and subtract every one of your “emotional” losses?

Those are losses where you got in too early — or too late — because you were too excited, scared, or frustrated.

Subtract all those losses and what’s left?

Wins, plus a few losses where a good bet simply didn’t work out.

In fact I believe there’s going to be so many more wins, I’m willing to guarantee your satisfaction with Quick Hit Trader.

A Special Deal Today… Guaranteed

In fact, I want you to give Mike a chance so badly, I’m going to cut you one heck of a deal right now before I change my mind.

Give Quick Hit Trader a try today with my special offer:

I’ll gift you a very special price of just $99.95 for 12 months PLUS a 30-day, money-back guarantee that Quick Hit Trader is everything I claim it is.

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Check out Mike’s analysis and picks for two full months. You’ll quickly see for yourself why his methodology is among the best in the business.

Once you begin your free trial, you’ll be positioned to grab the next Quick Hit Trader winners. There’s been 109 of them already in the last 20 months (that’s an average of more than 5 winners a month)…

Of those, 29 have been double-digit winners. And, most importantly, Mike’s never been hotter – hitting on 21 consecutive trades.

What would you do with the extra cash from 21 back-to-back winners?

Quick Hit Trader members certainly know that feeling, and they don’t feel stressed from making emotionally-based investment decisions…

Nor do they fear bear markets any more. They rest well at night, knowing their retirement accounts are safe.

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Quick Hit Trader is simple and easy to follow.

Each week, you get 3 carefully measured and selected stock or ETF picks, plus analysis of overall market direction… making it easier than ever to decide when to stay long, go to cash, or go short.

If you can do third grade math, you can use this system…

As every pick is based on 0-100 scores for both fundamental and technical analysis. With Quick Hit Trader, you’ll never again wonder what to buy or when.

You’ll know exactly what price to pay, and Mike will keep you updated on each pick with disciplined, dynamic stops that protect you from big losses, while letting those profits run.

All we’re asking for is $99.95 for one year. At 3 picks a week, that’s just 64 cents each. A single Quick Hit Trader winner should more than pay for your entire membership fee.

So why not take 30 days to check out everything Quick Hit Trader has to offer? If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the service during that time, just contact us for a refund. 

You’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

It really is that simple. Just click the button below to get started now:

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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