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Welcome to TurnerTrends!

Please read this page to learn more about what we do. If you have any questions please click the link to set up a time to speak with us about our services.

In the world of investing, there are a variety of services that provide trading alerts. However, these alerts are often one sided and rely on the opinions of market "analysts" that guess about what the market is going to do in the future... next week, next month, the rest of the year... Even the technical analysis gurus try to extrapolate chart patterns to guess what an index or sector is going to do next.


NONE of them, though, have figured out how to double a bull trend and at the same time, know when to get into inverses to double up what the market loses in a bear market. They have no clue about how to make 200% in Bull AND Bear markets!


At TurnerTrends, we provide subscribers with the only trade alerts for BOTH Bull and Bear markets that are available on the market! We use our proprietary algorithmic trading methodology to provide our subscribers with the most accurate trades and the timing of those trades available on the market.


As you know... no one can consistently time market tops and market bottoms. That is NOT what we do. We "measure" where the market IS all the time and we know it is a mathematical fact that the current trend will continue exactly until it doesn't. And THAT, my friend, is how you make a LOT of money in the stock market: Knowing when a bull trend has begun; knowing when it has ended; knowing when a bear trend has begun and knowing when that bear trend has ended.


We are very, very good at knowing when those events have occurred and tell you so, immediately!

Here is how it works: We use our Total Market Index (TMI) Chart to make our trading decisions. The TMI Chart is based on a composite of the largest index's available on the stock market. We use it, exclusively, to make all trading decisions. Below is a sample of the TMI:

Total Market Index.png
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Take a look at these 20-year historical statistics! If you want access to this chart and these results, please click the link below to get a 50% discount (limited time) offer. Our limited time offer will grant early subscribers access to our Charter Membership. This membership will give you a 50% discount on TurnerTrends Trade Alerts for as long as you keep your account active!

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  • 89.66% Average Annual Return

  • 20.32% Average Profit Per Trade

  • 89.33% Winning Trades

  • 4.4 Round-Trip Trades per Year on Average

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