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What we do...

TurnerTrends has spent the last 2 decades, refining our Trade Alert system. We provide both individuals and institutions with the most accurate trade alerts on the market. We use our proprietery software to help you to make the smartest decisions with your money.

What we use...

We use our Total Market Index (TMI) Chart to make our ETF trading decisions. The TMI Chart is based on a composite of the largest index's available on the stock market. We use it, exclusively, to make all trading decisions. Below is a sample of the TMI.

Total Market Index (3).png

This chart (available for all subscribers) is what we use to provide our highly accurate TurnerTrends Trade Alerts. As a subscriber, you will have the ability to access an updated version of this chart as needed. Get access now!


Institutional Quality for the Individual Investor...

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