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The “Expected Move” Method

The easiest way to understand the term, “Expected Move” is to think about a stock’s price volatility. All stocks have a historically identifiable amount of pricing fluctuation. MyTurner Analytics algorithms analyze each stock’s fluctuation in price (“volatility”) over the most recent 12 month time period. Based on this number the computer calculates how much a stock’s price can fluctuate in the upcoming 5 trading days and stay within one standard deviation of the stock’s ‘normal’ volatility. […]

How Are Stop Limits Calculated?

We received some questions about how stops are set and whether or not the stops are too tight in a volatile market. My stop calculation is very precise and mathematically derived. Here is how it works. […]

How Does Google (GOOGL) Fair Ahead of Shareholder Meeting?

Google (GOOGL) is one of the world’s largest technology companies with operations that span the internet information universe. Along with its non-voting stock (GOOG), the company is the third largest component of the S&P 500. As with all publicly-traded companies, the current analysis of GOOGL requires a look at the fundamentals of the company, its current technicals, and the likely near-term trend of the stock. […]

Trade of the Week: Omega Healthcare Investor, Inc. (OHI)

The market has been volatile, to say the least recently. However, certain stocks seem to be staying above the fray and are actually performing pretty well under the circumstances. My pick for the Trade of the Day is Omega Healthcare Investor, Inc. (OHI) and it is a stock proving to be a strong buy. This healthcare REIT focuses on ownership of long-term healthcare facilities. […]

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The 5 Most Surprising Charts

When market volatility rises, it’s always a good time to step back and take a look at the big picture. Is the market building a base? Testing highs or lows? And what does the pattern say about the next most likely path for the indices. To get a read on all of this, I look at forward-looking time-cycle forecasts. I analyze the past three years of technical trends. And, I also look at the market over the past 114 years. […]

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