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What You Get

TurnerTrends TMI Alerts:  Based on our proprietary algorithms that track the TurnerTrends Total Market Index, trading signals for both bull and markets are posted and emailed to subscribers.  These signals can be used to provide the subscriber with the timing recommendation results of these algorithms in real time. 

Subscribers have access to the TMI Chart that is the basis for TurnerTrends trade alerts. This chart is continually updated throughout normal trading hours.

The TMI chart will provide you with the following data points:

  1. Week Ending Close Date (EOW). This means the historical data (other than the current week) was calculated through Friday, June 23, 2023. Today happens to be the last day of the week, so after the updating algorithms run after the close today, the new EOW will be June 30, 2023.

  2. Standard Deviation (EM). This tells you how volatile the market is.

  3. The EOW TMI Position is where the TMI was as of the end of the previous week.

  4. The EOW Overbought Level tells you where the overbought level was as of the end of the previous week.

  5. The EOW Oversold Level tells you where the oversold level was as of the end of the previous week.

  6. The EOW Exit Level tells you where the exit point would be of the current trade event as of the end of the previous week.

  7. The Current Exit Level tells you where the system recommends you should exit the current trade event.

  8. The Current Trade Type indicates whether the system is recommending a bullish trade or a bearish trade.

  9. The Current Trade Start Date is when the current open trade recommendation was made and the level of the TMI chart when the trade was recommended.

  10. The TMI Percent to Exit is the percent movement of the TMI that will occur if the current Exit Level is reached.

  11. And, finally, the YTD Total Round-Trip Trades is the number of closed trades that have occurred so far for the year.


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