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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Total Market Index (TMI)?: The total market index is a composite index of several major US market indexes. It is weighted based on a proprietary set of percentages so that it accurately reflects what we consider to be the "total market".

How do trade alerts work?: If you are a subscriber to TurnerTrends Trade Alerts, you will receive a notification when we have observed a change in trend from the TMI Chart. This alert will be sent as soon as the alert is received, or at market open of the first day of the week if it is on a Friday.

What do I do when I receive a Trade Alert?: Trade alerts are not designed for any specific equity or index, they are designed to signal the trend of the overall market. So when a trade alert is released, you can decide which equities or indexes you would like to trade.

How often is the TMI Chart updated?: The TMI Chart is updated every 5 minutes during market hours.


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