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About Mike Turner

Mike Turner, editor of both Signal Investor and Quick Hit Trader, and founder of TurnerTrends Tools, made the decision to fire his brokers and financial advisors and do it himself back in 1998.  Then, he took his three decades of running advanced software development companies and applied that technical knowledge to the design and development of an entirely new stock analysis system.

Mike’s financial, mathematical, computer science and engineering background serves as the foundation for his disciplined, rules-based approach to trading. He does not rely on instinct, gut-feelings, emotions, analyst opinions or hunches. Mike’s trades are based on solid fundamental, technical and time-cycle based forecasting analytics.  Mike’s methodology and software systems are used to scan the universe of stocks and ETFs to find the highest scoring equities that have the greatest probability of success.  Mike is a disciplined and formulaic trader and he conveys that approach to his subscribers through his services.

The trade-timing tools Mike has developed cover the gamut of time cycle market forecasting, fundamental analysis and technical trends of stocks, sectors, industries and global markets. He utilizes his proprietary market-timing programs to provide him and his subscribers with trade-sensitive analysis results about when to be in the market and when to be in cash. In his book, 10: The Essential Rules for Beating the Market, Mike describes his rules-based methodology for picking the right stocks at the right time, holding those positions as long as they are making money and timing exactly when to sell to maximize net total return. The objective of Mike’s methodology is to think like a fundamentalist but trade like a technician. His book, published by Wiley and Sons, encapsulates Mike’s fundamental and technical approach to trading.

Mike is the creator of the Bloomberg time-cycle forecasting system that is available to more than 330,000 Bloomberg terminals worldwide.  Some of the most prestigious and influential private and governmental financial institutions in the world have used Mike’s proprietary trade-timing technology.

Mike’s quant-based analysis programs are also used to produce time-cycle research and analysis for Bloomberg along with large, high-profile brokerage and financial management firms.

Mike is often quoted in the prestigious Investor’s Business Daily; is an active partner and guest speaker for the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange); and has been published extensively in Equities Magazine.

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