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Founder, President: Mike Turner

Mike Turner founded Turnertrends more than 20 years ago. He has spent time developing his proprietary software to provide optimal returns during BOTH Bull and Bear Markets. Mike has used his expertise to operate a successful asset management firm for more than 15 years. His goal is to provide institutions, as well as individual investors with the highest quality Trade Timing product on the market.

Mike received his degree from Oklahoma State University, where he graduated with a degree in structural engineering with a minor in computer science. His background in math and enterprise level software systems development has played an instrumental role in creating our Total Market Index trading methodology.

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Co-Founder, Alex Goodwin

Alex Goodwin has been working under Mike Turner for 5 years and he is Mike Turner's protégé.  He is a dedicated Research and Development Specialist at TurnerTrends. His expertise in market research, combined with his role in facilitating company operations, positions him as a vital asset in driving the company's success.

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Institutional Quality for the Individual Investor...

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