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How are STZ and VZ Similar?

Tomorrow will be a big day for many people in the U.S. Not only is it St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s also the start of the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament—otherwise known as March Madness. So in today’s blog, I wanted to take a closer look at two companies whose products will be in high demand tomorrow: Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ) and Verizon Communications, Inc. (VZ).

Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ)

Constellation Brands is an international producer and marketer of wine, beer and spirits. A number of well-known brands fall under the Constellation umbrella, including Corona beer, Modelo Especial beer, Robert Mondavi wine, Cook’s champagne and Casa Noble tequila.

I expect Constellation products will be in strong demand tomorrow, as people prepare for their St. Patrick’s Day festivities and the March Madness tipoff. And there’s a good chance that those sales will add to the company’s top line, as well as support higher share prices going forward.

STZ has already seen an uptick in volume lately, along with a gradual rise in share price. The company posts especially strong quarter-over-quarter earnings growth, along with multi-year revenue growth and multi-year earnings growth. In addition, STZ is in a bullish trading zone, and with a Turner Analytics Total Score of 156 (66 Fundamental, 90 Technical), it’s currently a Strong Buy.

3.16.16 - STZ

Verizon Communications, Inc. (VZ)

Verizon, which is headquartered in New York, NY, provides Internet, TV and phone plans for customers across the U.S. Growth and expansion have been long-term goals for the company, and as of September 2014, Verizon became the largest wireless communications provider in the country.

Over the next few weeks, I suspect that basketball fans will rely heavily on their Verizon services—both to watch games and to track their bracket progress. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, I’d recommend that you keep an eye on VZ’s stock progress. Share prices have shot more than 17% higher since the beginning of the year, and Turner Analytics data indicates that there are more good things on the horizon.

The stock provides an excellent return on equity at a very reasonable stock price, and Verizon reported strong year-over-year and multi-year earnings growth. This stock is trading bullishly, and it boasts a Fundamental Score of 69 and a Technical Score of 86. VZ is currently a Strong Buy.

3.16.16 - VZ

So whether you’re gearing up for celebrations tomorrow or are planning to skip the festivities this year, both STZ and VZ are excellent options for your portfolio. I recommend considering these Strong Buys.

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