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The #1 Stock of the Week

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that the Utilities Sector has been performing very well lately. (And for those of you who read sporadically, you can find recent Utilities blogs here and here.) So it probably isn’t a surprise to you that this week, out of more than 6,000 stocks graded in the Turner Analytics database, a utilities stock—Exelon Corp. (EXC)—receives the number-one ranking.

Exelon is the largest competitive power generator in the U.S. One aspect of this company’s business is operating nuclear power plants, though the company also covers wind and solar power generation, competitive energy sales, and energy transmission and delivery. Exelon provides services in 48 states, along with D.C. and Canada, and employs about 30,000 people across the country.

EXC has seen its fair share of ups and downs (just look at the graph below), but its stock price has increased nearly 25% since the beginning of the year. And given the strength in the Utilities sector this year, I would not be surprised if shares continued to climb higher.

3.15.16 - EXC

Of course, the Turner Analytics system is all about the data, and Exelon also scores highly in this regard. It receives a 73 out of 100 Fundamental Score, pays a 3.57% dividend yield and has especially notable earnings growth. In fact, EXC receives full marks for earnings growth at all levels: Quarter-over-quarter, year-over-year and multi-year. The utility company also receives full marks for stock price, and when compared to the other 11 stocks in the Diversified Utilities Industry, it has the best fundamentals.

Exelon also receives a perfect 100 out of 100 Technical Score. Both its Industry (Diversified Utilities) and Sector (Utilities) are trading bullishly, which gives the company a boost.  EXC is trading bullishly, too, and the stock is also benefitting from a steady increase in trading volume.

All in all, this is a very strong holding, and I recommend considering EXC if you’re looking for a new addition to your portfolio.

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