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Consider This Your Official Invitation

Today, instead of our usual Wednesday “popular brands” blog post, I want to invite you to join me at this year’s The MoneyShow Orlando, March 2-5.

If you haven’t been before, The MoneyShow is an annual conference where individual investors can attend seminars, network and share tips. It’s been around for 35 years (in fact, this is the 35th anniversary), and over that time, it’s developed into a wonderful, unbiased place for investment education.

This year, all attendees will have access to more than 20 hours of presentations about new technologies and strategies, along with more than 150 free classes. As part of this, I will be hosting three sessions: “How to Become a Market-Directional Investor,” “Why a Buy-and-Hold Strategy Takes on Far Too Much Risk!” and “How to Choose the Right Asset Manager.” Each session will give you more details about my common sense investing strategy and how you can take advantage of both bull and bear market cycles. You can learn more about these sessions here.

If you can make it to Orlando anytime between March 2-5, I’d love to see you in person and talk about the ways that we can keep working together to help you reach your investment goals. I also think that the community of the event is a huge asset. All investors can benefit from simply spending time with other investors and sharing stories about what has worked and what hasn’t. We can learn a lot from other people!

Plus, you can attend the event for free—so I encourage you to put The MoneyShow Orlando on your calendar for next month. Again, you can learn more about the event and my role in it by clicking here.

I hope to see you next month in Florida!



Mike Turner
Turner Trends

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