Never be on the wrong side of the markets again...


“Buy when I buy and sell when I sell.”

As simple as the one rule to my Quick Hit Trader service is, the research and analysis behind my recommendations are the best in the business.

My proprietary scoring system for every stock in the market gives you everything you need to profit today, starting with…

  • Fundamental Analysis: Consists of the 12 fundamental indicators I use to rank every stock against its peers – rated on a scale of 0 to 100 – to identify the highest scoring plays for today’s market conditions. This tells you what to buy.
  • Technical Analysis: Reveals the difference between stocks experiencing standard volatility and those undergoing a dramatic shift in market trend. These too, earn a score between 0 to 100. This tells you when to buy.
  • Disciplined Stops: Provides you with the edge you need to know when to take profits off the table, when to let your winners run, and when to get out with profits intact. And how to know when a trade has reversed trend, signaling the time to exit.

My take on the overall market condition — whether the trend is bull, bear or neutral — guides you as to when to put money to work in the market and when to keep it on the sidelines in times of elevated risk.

You’ll get my 3 weekly recommendations – stripped to the bare-bones — telling you exactly what to buy, when to buy it, and when to sell…

I’ve been helping traders just like you pull down consistent, fast-paced gains for two decades. That’s why I want you to begin your subscription to my Quick Hit Trader right now. Click here, or call 1.844.818.9444 to learn more.

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