Never be on the wrong side of the markets again...

Never be on the wrong side of the markets again...

Hi, I’m Will Turner, co-founder of TurnerTrends.  My investing strategy is easy to understand:

If the market is bull-trending, my investment strategy is bullish.  If the market is rolling over, I get you safely out of market and on the sidelines.  If the market is bear-trending, I show you exactly how to take advantage through the use of inverse ETFs.  In short, I measure where the market is and what trend it is in, and implement trades that capitalize on that.

I do this using my own proprietary trade-timing technology system… one that is disciplined and rules-based to take the emotion out of investment decisions.

This software system is available to more than 330,000 Bloomberg terminals worldwide, and used by some of the most prestigious private and governmental financial institutions around the globe.

And now this system is available to you at a fraction of what my big-time institutional clients have to pay.

So here’s what I suggest: Take a few minutes to explore the site, and learn how my trading tools and services work.

I am confident you will find this may be the best thing that ever happens to your investment portfolio.

Kind regards,


Will Turner

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Imagine – with one click of your mouse – discovering the stocks and ETFs with the highest probability of success.  That’s the power of TurnerTrends Tools. Designed by my own team of software engineers, TurnerTrends Tools uses a proprietary algorithm to pinpoint investments with the highest scores… and highest potential gains. Learn more today about this “algorithmic edge” for your portfolio.

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Designed for bull, bear and even neutral markets, the Signal Investor portfolio employs a mathematical and rules-based computer program to capitalize on the market’s upside… and protect on the downside. Click here now to find out how you can profit from up, down and neutral markets.

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The strategy behind Quick Hit Trader is simple:  Get in, make a profit, and get out.  Each week in Quick Hit Trader, I present my three best money-making ideas. Follow this link today to get aggressive, fast-moving trades from my personal portfolio.

Recent Winners

Stock NameTickerProfit
Veeva SystemsVEEV54.40%
TAL Education GroupXRS49.56%
NetEase, Inc.NTES34.75%

Top 3-Year Performing Trades*

(VIPS) - Vipshop Holdings Limited1772.24%
(GV) - Goldfield Corp1662.90%
(DQ) - Daqo New Energy Corp1459.20%

* - If trading using signals generated by TurnerTrends


“A HUGE burden has been lifted. Feeling like either the buy-and-hold or day-trading were my only choices for so long is not good for body or soul… You’ve probably given me a better shot at longevity than any of my surgeries to date… really.

I’m at peace…”

— T.K.

“I’ve used TurnerTrends Tools for 10 years. I keep trying to find something better, and have found nothing that beats it. It gives you insider buying, stops, forecasting, technical analysis, and much more. I cannot find a single tool or service that does all of this. I make more than enough money using Mike’s Tools. His rules-based system works. Mike is the best.”

— Woody W.

“After seeing the [CycleProphet] forecast of a rising gold price, I wrote some December credit put spreads. They expire worthless today. I paid for my subscription in just one trade!”

— Mark F., Scottsdale, AZ

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